Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fun Finds at the 'Markets'

I LOVE SUMMER! I can finally wear flip flops, eat snowies, and hit the markets! If you have never been to the Downtown Farmer's Market or the Park Silly Market, you are missing out. Great booths, food, gourmet goodies to take home. And its very accessible, easy to park, just get there early!

So here are a couple cool items you can find at the markets.

an antique watch turned into a necklace, only at Park Silly Market

this soap smells so good, I buy a couple bars each summer, she is only at the Park Silly Market

found these at SLC, $10

love this, at a booth at SLC, crimped in lasts 6 weeks, shampooable $20

switch plates, all different styles, SLC market $5

glass blown necklace, $10, henna tattoo, $10 SLC

beaded bracelet, crazy color combos, all real stones, $35+ both SLC and PSM

fresh flower bunches, $10 SLC

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